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Emergency contact system

There are two types of emergency contact:

  • The trip's emergency contact is somebody not on the trip who has a list of participants and their contact details. The leader chooses, and should let participants know the name of, the emergency contact.
  • A participant's emergency contact is somebody the leader should contact in case of an emergency relating to the participant on that particular trip. These details are collected and sent to the trip's emergency contact before the trip leaves Warrnambool. This is often done by texting a photograph of the completed activity sheet, in which case the emergency contact should acknowledge receipt.

Personal Emergency Information

Each participant should carry a pdfform outlining any personal emergency information in a readily accessible part of the pack, eg top pocket. The form, filled in and maintained by the participant, gives medical details that would only be accessed by the leader in an emergency, typically when the participant is disabled.

The activity sheet:

More details about using the pdfactivity booking sheet are on the Leaders Page. Here is a summary:

  1. record details of the proposed activity—where, when, who, special requirements, etc
  2. record bookings made for the activity
  3. record the participants' emergency contact details before leaving Warrnambool
  4. record an acknowledgement from non-club members that they will abide by the conditions for booking
  5. before the trip leaves Warrnambool, send a photograph of it to the emergency contact
  6. after the trip, complete the leaders report on it and returned it to our risk officer

Booking conditions—personal responsibility and dependents:

The Full Conditions of Booking are on our pdfActivity Booking Sheet or here. Worth special mention are the following:

  • "It is the participant's responsibility to disclose to the leader medical conditions, disabilities or injuries.........which may affect his/her ability to complete the activity..............."
  • "All participants must ensure that the activity is within their capabilities, and that they carry enough food, water, clothing and equipment appropriate to the activity."
  • "A dependent person (ie 16 years and under, or unable to independently undertake the activity safely) must be accompanied by an adult responsible for that person."

Incident Report Form:

If a serious incident occurs on an activity our pdfIncident Report Form should be filled out (usually by the leader) after a Serious Incident and then sent to the Committee. If the incident is such that BWV insurance will be called upon contact the committee.

Safety in hot/stormy weather:

Leaders should consider the weather forecast for the day of the activity and adjust the activity as necessary:

  1. Walks should be cancelled on Days of Total Fire Ban (except easy urban walks)
  2. Leaders may cancel/alter activities if extreme weather, eg. severe storms, lightning strikes, severe heat/humidity is likely
  3. Leaders should cancel outdoor activities where the predicted temperature is > 35 degrees and humidity > 30%
  4. When predicted temperatures are between 31 and 35 degrees and humidity more than 50%, leaders should take more frequent breaks, and decrease the intensity of the activity.

BWV's Bushwalking Manual has a good section on hydration, well worth the read.

Vehicle Sharing Costs

The normal rates are 20c/km for 4 cylinder cars and 25c/km for 6 cylinder cars, diesels and 4WD. Talk with the driver before the trip to ascertain if these guidelines are to be followed or not.

To calculate the individual cost, multiply the distance driven by the rate for the vehicle and divide by the number of people in the vehicle.

Example: for a 150 km round trip for 3 occupants in a 4 cylinder car, multiply 150 km by 20c per km to get 3000c (the total sharing costs in cents). Divide 3000c by 100 to get $30.00 (the total sharing costs in dollars), and divide $30.00 by 3 occupants to get $10.00 per person. Each passenger would then owe the owner/driver $10.


Our web site does not ask for or collect details about visitors. Information entered into our contact form is deleted immediately after it has been used to create and send an email to the club. Some of the photographs taken on Club activities form part of the activity reports on the site.

As an incorporated association, we are required to collect each member's name, address and the dates of joining
and leaving the club. To facilitate communication to club members we collect a member's phone number and email address. This information is not distributed to third parties.

Each participant on a walk must provide a contact phone number for themselves (for arranging the walk) and the
details of a contact person (to call in case of delays or problems on the activity). Non-club members must also provide an address to become temporary members for the duration of the trip. None of these details are distributed to third parties.

Participants should carry a form outlining medical information about themselves that might be important in the case of a medical emergency. Such a Personal Emergency Information form would only be accessed by the leader when the participant has been disabled.