Further information

This page answers some "red tape" questions about how the Club operates.

The Warrnambool BushWalkers is an incorporated non-profit organisation. Our original name, Warrnambool Walkers Incorporated, was registered on 17/12/1986 with number A0012133Z. We changed our name to Warrnambool Bushwalkers in 2013.

We are affiliated with Bushwalking Victoria which provides a voice for over 60 bushwalking clubs. Our membership fee includes about $25 for Bushwalking Victoria's affiliation fee and a member's insurance cover.

Our financial year is from November to October, with our AGM being on the second Tuesday of November. The small committee that runs the club usually meet before the monthly club meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. The 2020–21 Committee members are: Rosalie Meadows, Christine McAuley, Coralie Ginn, Gwenda Turland, Mike Halls, Jim Finnerty, Mary Moloney, Lothar Satzke and Rob Cannon.

Our membership year is from July to June. Our annual membership fee of $45 includes an emailed monthly newsletter and Bushwalking Victoria's affiliation and insurance cover fee. If you join after April 1, it's $50 for 15 months membership. If you belong to another Bushwalking Victoria affiliated club, there is a $25 discount on the membership fee or, if you just want to keep track of what we do, you can receive our newsletter electronically for $5.